Music Tracks from Commercials that Everyone Knows

Music in advertising is used to refer to the integration of music in commercials to enhance its success. It affects how listeners and viewers get to perceive the given product on different levels. Also, it has a significant impact on the musicians whose tracks get integrated into the commercials. For viewers and also listeners to … Read moreMusic Tracks from Commercials that Everyone Knows

Academisation of Hip Hop

The academisation of hip-hop can be a fruitful venture as many universities across the globe are continually working to see this through. The scholars and researchers behind the academisation of hip-hop know that they have an enormous task of maneuvering between the street aspects of hip-hop “realness” as well as the academic expectations of the … Read moreAcademisation of Hip Hop

Music Collection Societies

Introduction Many artists pursue music with dreams of making it in the entertainment industry. The musimc industry and the entertainment industry as a whole require extensive research by the artist to establish the underlying risks in being a musician. There are many regulations in the music industry. As a result, musicians without collection societies have … Read moreMusic Collection Societies