drama teacher courses

drama teacher courses

Taught in small groups and led by highly experienced teachers, each of our drama courses is unique – we have aims and objectives we will fulfil, but the day will be tailored to your specific needs and experience. That means that whether you are brand new to drama teaching, or you’re highly experienced, you’ll find our courses valuable and relevant.
To fully develop our students’ potential we need to develop our own confidence, skills and knowledge – and this is a key aim of all of Creative Education’s drama courses.

Apply your craft from day one. Not only will you get to work on briefs for real clients, you’ll get to mix and mingle with industry practitioners and make contacts that will take you into your career. Keep the passion alive while working in creative industry workplaces and continue to perform and curate exhibitions and performances that promote the creative arts. You’ll also graduate ready to audition, pitch and apply for future roles, with a strong career development strategy that will set you on the right path to a successful future.
Master your craft, create new stories and forge a unique path as a creative in the industry. Through practice-based learning and collaborative performance creation, you will develop your creative voice and the technical skills required to launch or progress your career.

In addition, Russell Academy will tailor courses in Public Speaking for your company, addressing your specific needs.
The Acting for Fun courses enable people to develop confidence and explore their creativity in a relaxed environment. Our Adult Scene Study courses for beginners and advanced students, enable you to explore some great scenes from modern dramatists giving the opportunity for indepth character investigation, stage craft, voice and movement.