shakespeares school

shakespeares school

Borough: Bronx
Accessibility: No Accessibility

Shakespeare Schools Foundation is a charity that transforms lives through the unique power of Shakespeare. Our annual Festival provides a platform for up to 30,000 young people to express themselves and grow in confidence as they take to a professional stage.
Join us on 5th and 6th November and 14th and 15th November for an exhilarating evening, featuring a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by local schools.

The firm will also design a series of new blocks for the famous boys’ secondary school, including the first ‘landmark’ building (pictured below) which, the practice hopes, will create a secure entrance to the school site.
Etched in to the facade of the centre, which will be built from hand-made bricks and stone, will be a number of Shakespearian quotes including ‘Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.’

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