Human resources consulting

We have been working with Jane and Alan for over five years. When they began working with us, we were a small company. Then, and now through our explosive growth, they have been trusted advisers on all HR matters including hiring, on-boarding, compensation systems, benefits, communications, handbooks, employee relations, strategic HR planning, compliance, performance management, HR policies and procedures, payroll, 401(k) management, and Affirmative Action. They recently completed an HR audit with suggested tweaks for more efficient procedures. Our in-house staff has come to depend on them for sound advice. They have consistently exhibited flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the organization. Jane and Alan are valued members of our team.

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Human resources consulting

Are you looking for guidance on your company’s human resources journey? Human Resources Consultants, LLC features seasoned professionals who are willing to stand on one leg, or bend over backwards to help you.

Does your company have the culture, people and service focus you need to succeed? We offer HR insight, oversight and advice for companies and non-profits including providing outsourced or interim HR management as well as assisting and consulting for strategic HR issues.

Our consultants each have 35+ years of experience in all aspects of Human Resources. We provide full life cycle support including strategic planning, M&A due diligence and integration, and many more services for companies and non-profits.

We deliver HR solutions with unmatched follow-through and service. Similar to a flamingo, we bring balance to your organization by offering your organization experience, training and commitment that’s second to none.

Best 10 Top HR Consulting Firms for Large & Small Businesses | HR Outsourcing

hr outsourcing services

HR advisory services can help companies with expert and knowledgeable human resources support that reduces the burden on an internal HR department or business. Small business HR consulting can take over all employee support functions, such as payroll, benefits, and training.

hr consulting

Richard Branson famously once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” But many companies find that taking care of employees takes a lot of time and effort. That is why executives at businesses, both large and small, often open their browser and search, “HR consulting firms near me.”

When searching HR consultancy websites, you’ll want to review things like the size of firms an HR consulting firm or human resources contractor works with. It’s also important to get a feel for an HR consulting company’s culture to see if it fits well with your own.

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Top HR Consulting Firms 2022 Ratings
Bain & Company 5
Baker HR 5
Bambee 5
Boston Consulting Group 5
Employers Advantage 5
HR Resolutions 5
Jumpstart:HR 5
Mercer 5
Paychex 5
TriNet 5

The flexibility offered by HR consulting services allows companies to choose just the types of services they need. They can use HR outsourcing companies as their complete “HR department” or they can use HR outsourcing services on an ad hoc basis.

For example, a small business may not be able to get the best health insurance rates for group health benefits because they aren’t large enough. However, small business HR consulting firms will aggregate their small business clients to get them all better rates.

Below, please find a review of each firm on our list of best HR consulting firms. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed each of these top-rated human resources consulting services to score so high in our selection ranking.

Bain & Company is a global consultancy and one of the largest best HR consulting firms on our list. In addition to providing HR advisory services, the firm also offers business consulting in many other areas of operations.

As one of the largest HR consulting firms in the world, Bain & Company has 59 offices throughout 37 countries around the world. To deliver cost-effective and efficient human resources management consulting, the firm integrates automation and technology tools.

As one of the biggest HR consulting firms, Bain has had over 500 HR engagements over the past 10 years. Through its expert HR consulting services, the firm has delivered a typical saving of 20-30% for its clients.

One of the benefits of working with one of the largest HR consulting firms is that they’re more likely to have proprietary digital tools. Technology can make HR management less time-consuming and working with human resource management consulting firms easier.

For larger enterprises, Bain & Company offers top HR consultants and proprietary digital tools that can help organizations optimize their human resources activities and ensure alignment with their mission.

What does an HR consultant do?

• Offering consulting help for an existing HR team
• Helping new companies set up HR manuals and policies
• Taking on all HR activities for a company
• Providing HR consulting for a specific function (such as training)
• Filling gaps for vacations and other absences in the HR department

HR consultants typically provide a wide range of services related to human resources. Some HR consulting companies will offer services in a package for a flat rate, and others will customize services according to a client’s needs.

• Benefits & compensation
• Recruitment & new hire orientation
• Payroll
• Job descriptions
• Employee development
• Recognition
• Policy & compliance
• Performance monitoring
• Employee retention programs
• Executive compensation programs

Advice for aspiring HR consultants

Get your financial house in order

“I think consultants in any business tend to forget they need to pay their own taxes,” Sankovich says. “As an employee, you certainly pay taxes, but your employer is paying the other side of that, too. As a consultant, you have to pay both.”

She goes on to suggest putting money aside upfront to pay quarterly tax estimates. While it can be difficult, it certainly beats being caught off-guard with a hefty tax bill you hadn’t planned for. She also recommends making an appointment with a CPA to get a proper financial plan in place.

Be ready for early hiccups

Every business owner in the world has high expectations for success, but reality often falls short of expectations. It’s not uncommon for new businesses to get off to a slow start. But whether or not this causes lasting issues can come down to how well-prepared you are for it.

Networking isn’t optional

Successful consultants need a steady pipeline of work to remain viable, and one of the best ways to maintain that pipeline is to put a constant emphasis on networking. One option that may prove fruitful is to develop relationships with other HR consultants or service providers who have expertise in areas you’re not as well-versed in. This creates an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship where you provide referrals and vice versa.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the potential value of referrals from former clients. Sankovich, whose firm works primarily with small- to medium-sized businesses, says some of her best experiences have come from referred clients.

“There’s nothing better than someone else pitching your capabilities to a potential client,” Sankovich says. “Even when that client is facing a problem that needs solving, we’re starting that new relationship with foundation of trust established by the referral.”

Be ready for anything

Businesses, particularly small businesses, don’t typically hire an expensive outside consultant until they know for sure they need help. This can result in you stepping into some pretty shocking scenarios.

“Even after you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll get a call or email with some situation you’ve never considered,” Sankovich says. “After 15 years as a consultant, there are still new situations that arise, so it’s never boring—that’s for sure.”

“Whether it’s creating a process for the organization to mitigate future risk or helping resolve an employee situation that has gone badly, it’s very gratifying to lead the problem-solving effort so the organization can resume focus on its core business,” Sankovich shares.

Human resources consulting

Putina Consulting – современная украинская HR консалтинговая компания. Наша основная специализация – подбор управленцев TOP, Middle уровня и профильных специалистов для бизнеса, госучреждений и частных лиц. Мы используем современные технические средства по аккумулированию и работе с резюме, позволяющие всегда оправдывать ожидания клиентов от сотрудничества.

‘Bring yourself into play’

Sticking to the authentic nature of work, holding a dynamic team, and sustaining an impeccable reputation, we are into an array of services that include, Executive Search, Headhunt, Emiratisation, permanent recruitment, and employee deployment. “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” is a specialist in recruitment consultancy focusing on Executive search and Emiratisation across various Government, Semi-Government and Private Entities in the Middle East. Setup in March 2012 under the name of Virtue Consulting Partners (FZE) in SAIF Zone, Sharjah, we have been successful in catering to our client’s needs. We aim at providing effective Consultancy services to our clients in achieving their Human Resource needs with the best candidates across the globe. We also believe in counseling the candidates and helping them seek the right career path.


Мы всесторонне оцениваем ваши потребности в персонале , изучаем специфику работы вашей компании: ваш бизнес, историю, структуру, клиентов и корпоративную культуру, философию и стиль. На этом же этапе мы подписываем договор о сотрудничестве. Результат – вместе мы выстраиваем образ подходящего для вас сотрудника.

Мы анализируем рынок труда по вашему запросу. Мы выявляем потенциальных кандидатов на рынке труда. Поиск подходящих контактов ведется с использованием собственной базы кандидатов, ресурсов работных сайтов, профессиональных и социальных сетей, профессиональных форумов, рекомендаций авторитетных специалистов и т.д. Результат – формирование базы резюме проекта для дальнейшей оценки.

Мы выбираем лучшие резюме и связываемся с кандидатами, проводя первичный телефонный отбор. Сильнейших приглашаем на личную встречу в офис компании. Результат – предварительно мы выбираем лучших наиболее подходящих кандидатов.

Мы подчеркиваем преимущества вашей компании кандидату , таким образом повышая мотивацию успешного профессионала работать у вас, внедряя элементы PR кампании. Результат – развитие позитивного привлекательного имиджа вашей компании на рынке.

Мы оцениваем личностные и профессиональные качества кандидатов . В процессе оценки мы применяем различные методики, в том числе деловые игры, психологическое тестирование, структурированное интервью по компетенциям: анализ метапрограмм, лингвистический анализ речи, ситуационное и проективное интервью. Мы собираем характеристики с предыдущих мест работы на кандидатов, получаем дополнительную информацию, проверяем данные. Результат – мы формируем список финальных кандидатов на просмотр.

Мы предоставляем пакет документов на каждого кандидата , включающий: резюме, детальную характеристику, результаты проверки рекомендаций с предыдущих мест работы. Результат: вы получаете комплексные оценки кандидатов, формируя личное мнение по каждому из них.

Мы помогаем финальному кандидату юридически грамотно завершить трудовые отношения с текущим работодателем. Этично информируем остальных кандидатов об отказе по их кандидатурам, способствуя развитию позитивного имиджа вашей компании. Отслеживаем процесс ввода в должность новичка, поддерживаем его в течение адаптационного периода. На этом этапе мы подписываем документы по данному проекту. Результат: наш кандидат быстро и эффективно выполняет должностные обязанности, достигая поставленных вами задач

What relates us?

“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C” has laid its foundation to concoct the quality talents with a quality team. Our approach to performing the staffing process will act as a bridge between the employers and job seekers. Our team is the key to the growth and success of our company. “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” aims at exceeding Clients’ expectations without any compromise on the quality of our services. We understand the value of our Client’s time and deliver timely service. Our Consultants demonstrate an in-depth and excellent understanding of the market and are able to customize their services based on the client’s requirement. We make the process that fulfills the need for the entire local and the global sectors.

Government & Semi Government Companies

Family Offices & Conglomerates

Technology Development

Construction & Engineering

Procurement & Logistics


Financial Institutions

E- commerce




Oil & Gas

Power & Energy


Why ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.?

“ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” is an Abu Dhabi based on-shore company and we operate with high standards and provide value-added services. We understand the volatility of the market and the change in the needs of its clients. Keeping this in mind, we hire only the best of Consultants whose exposure to the market and the region is of the highest standards. “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” will make the talented people fit into the right place so that they can enhance their skills. We uphold this responsibility to fulfill our commitment as ‘Let’s make the solutions possible for all diversity of people’

Intending to highlight the talented candidates to the top-notch organizations, we go for intense research to hand-pick the highly-skilled people. The scrutinizing processes to obtain quality candidates are based on meticulous study & market research, thus helping us to provide superior customer service with top-notch candidates.

“Adiv Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.” makes its footprint by performing impactful services and also, we make the right outsourcing, recruitment, HR Consultancy, digital HR consultancy, and Outplacements that will help you to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. We strive towards sustaining ourselves in the best position by bringing all the services to fruition. Our vision is to advance the HR profession and we aim at setting new standards in the Consultancy industry by being the leaders in the Business.

We focus on a dedicative working path that leads to bringing you the highly satisfied and impactful HR consulting partner. Providing professional HR Consulting services and Recruitment solutions, we help you by bringing skilful people by analysing carefully the need of the clients. At “ADIV Human Resources Consultancy L.L.C.”, we make the right choice across all the functional areas.

Human resources consulting

and Human Resources Information Software (HRIS) to manage payroll and other HR processes and keep workforce operations running smoothly and efficiently. They might also need to perform data analysis and projections.

Human Resource Consulting Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Human Resource Consulting Proposal Delivered on – Date submitted Prepared by – User assigned Project proposal – Proposal N.

Key functions of human resources

A company’s HR department serves many purposes and roles. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a role in human resources or you’re curious how HR will affect your job search and employment experience, it’s important to understand what HR does. Here are some of the most important functions they oversee:

Recruitment and staffing

Human resources plays a significant role in determining a company’s staffing needs, recruiting new employees and hiring well-qualified candidates. This responsibility includes critical tasks such as identifying qualifications and requirements for each position, writing job descriptions and placing job postings, evaluating resumes, conducting interviews, completing background checks and working with department managers to select ideal candidates.

New hire onboarding

After hiring employees, the human resources department guides new team members through their first days or weeks at the company. This process introduces new team members to the workplace culture and provides access to company resources that will help the employee navigate their employment journey and settle into their new role.

The HR staff is also responsible for developing and executing an onboarding plan to help new hires integrate into the workforce seamlessly and provides them with the information and tools they need to succeed in their roles. This guidance helps employees acclimate to their new position and workplace quickly and easily which benefits both the employees and the organization.

Training and development

Whether an employee is a new hire or a long-time contributor to the company, they need ongoing skill-building and career development opportunities to continue being productive and successful to meet personal and professional goals.

It is the HR department’s responsibility to plan and oversee the training needs of employees. Career development courses and training may include education on new technology, employee relations or leadership training for current or prospective supervisors. Training can be one-on-one, through group meetings or via online courses and self-education.

Compensation and benefits

HR works with executive leadership to establish the organization’s compensation philosophy. HR professionals often conduct market research to determine competitive pay rates and develop the compensation structure. They also work with insurance brokers to select health and welfare benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401(k) for employees. HR also oversees benefits administration including enrollment and processing.

Any questions employees have about their benefits, vacation and personal time or financial incentives should be directed to their human resources representative who is knowledgeable in these packages and programs.

Employee well-being

The human resource department helps support and improve employees’ work-life quality as well as the company culture. They create and oversee programs such as daycare, health and wellness initiatives, paid time off and other efforts to keep employees happy, healthy and motivated.

A well-run company should show concern for and care about each of its employees. The human resources department helps foster this supportive work environment which helps reduce employee turnover and enhance performance.

Employee relations

Human resources often acts as a mediator between employees and upper management or fellow employees. When employees face an issue at work, they should feel comfortable going to their human resources department for guidance, advice or to document concerns.

This system helps resolve potential workplace conflicts and disputes quickly, smoothly and professionally, as HR professionals are often trained in conflict resolution. If disciplinary action is required, the department will help manage this as well. Human resources also help improve employee engagement and job satisfaction. If a workforce is unionized, the department can also help interface between employers and labor unions.

Performance reviews and promotions

The human resources department facilitates annual or semi-annual performance evaluations for all employees. A performance review process allows managers to check in with employees one-on-one to discuss performance, define performance criteria and measurements, set expectations and goals which align with business objectives and drive employee development while promoting fairness and transparency.

Based on performance, experience and seniority, an employee’s manager and human resources might decide to promote an employee or present them with a salary increase. Generally, HR works with senior leadership to set company rules and expectations for promotions and reward top employees for their dedication and commitment to improvements.

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