Music Tracks from Commercials that Everyone Knows

Music in advertising is used to refer to the integration of music in commercials to enhance its success. It affects how listeners and viewers get to perceive the given product on different levels. Also, it has a significant impact on the musicians whose tracks get integrated into the commercials.

For viewers and also listeners to remember a product easily, most advertisements use music tracks to promote their brands. Proper selection of the right music track for an advertisement is very important. Marketers want to select a song that they are sure the listeners and viewers will not get bored of. In turn, they get to boost their sales.

For an advert that is easy to remember and has more aesthetic value, the target audience will get to capture a lot of information pertaining to the product. Advertisers always want to ensure that the type of music they get to use for their commercials, adds credibility to their products and the company at large.

Here are a number of music tracks from commercials that everyone knows.

In 1971, the television commercial designed for Coca-Cola Company became the most popular commercial. The “Buy the World a Coke” music track for the commercial was directed by Billy Davis. The advert was used to spread a message of love and hope. It featured teenagers from various cultures who appeared on the top of a hill to sing this song.

The music track for this commercial was such a huge success to the extent that it was re-recorded as a full song. After the re-recording, it became a popular hit in the UK and the US. The advert was Bill Backer’s idea. The repetition of the marketing slogan “It’s the real thing” contributed to the remembrance of the advert by a majority of people.

In 2007, this commercial was referred by the Campaign magazine as one of the most influential and best-loved commercials in television history.

This was a top commercial song. The debit of this commercial was at the Super Bowl of the year 2011 and left amazed by the incredible job. The commercial gathered its own fan base and later on received a lot of hits in digital dominion. This music track contributed to the success of Chrysler and the company at large.

After the use of this Eminem’s song for the advert, Chrysler 200 at that time was on the number 2 for most searched items on Google. This was on the Sunday of the Super Bowl. The search traffic for this automobile shot up by 685% and topped the vehicle search lists.

In 1985, Levi used “I Heard It through the Grapevine” for its commercial and it was one of the most successful commercials. The Levi Strauss is a privately owned company that deals with clothes and it used this track to market its jeans.  The commercial is accredited in the success of the clothing brand and also the success of this track song.


In marketing, music performs the total promotional objectives on various capacities. These capacities include memorability, lyrical language, targeting, entertainment, authority establishment and continuity plus structure. For the entertainment part of the music in commercials, it enhances the appealing status of the advert to the target audience.

In as much as the music tracks have contributed hugely to the success of most of these commercials, it is undeniable that a lot of the commercials have also contributed to the popularity of the musicians of the given songs. Music gets to impact on the morality of the artist and also influences how the artist relates to the fans.

Before the usage of any music in a commercial, proper licensing has to be done and the musician must be consulted. Failure to do this leads to legal issues.