theatre in education

theatre in education

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Market House Theatre’s education staff spends a great deal of time each day in 14 counties serving over 44 schools providing over 47,000 student interactions in the classrooms, libraries, and gyms providing arts education connected to core content. The students hardly realize they are learning language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula—all they know is that it is FUN!

The Theatre Education BFA is designed to prepare knowledgeable, skilled graduates who will compete in an increasingly competitive field and become effective professional theatre educators.
Theatre Education students will learn to assess, explain, and interpret the many roles and responsibilities inherent in the world of the educational theatre artist. They will also understand how to use the skills they have developed in other career paths related to their degree.

Education Licensure: B.A.
Undergraduate Major(s): Theatre

English: International Drama/Theatre and Education Association
Spanish: Associación Internacional Teatro y Educación