theater in education

theater in education

Theater in education
This is Theatre in Education at ArtEZ in Arnhem:
Want to become a theatre or drama teacher? Discover the Theatre in Education course in Arnhem and make a career out of making theatre.

A degree in educational theatre will enable you to introduce and enhance the use of theatre in schools, cultural institutions, theatre companies and nonprofit organizations. For students with a background in the performing arts, the world of theatre education will open opportunities to become a teaching artist, theatre educator, artistic director or arts education coordinator.
Prepare for a rewarding career in theatre arts education by choosing one of these unique performing arts programs.

Undergraduate Major(s): Theatre
Offering Academic Unit for Education: Theatre and Dance

Our program is grounded in the liberal arts and in the fundamentals of the dramatic arts. Students learn pedagogical tools that can be applied to many vibrant vocations, including careers in professional theater, community outreach, and teaching at all levels.
Shape the next generation of young minds through theater.