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Founded in 1989, GLOBE International brings together prominent serving politicians and lawmakers, across party lines, to exert their authority and powers of law-making, legislative and budgetary oversight to advance practical action on sustainable development. GLOBE legislators are united by their belief that, working together, they can also make more of a difference to unblocking political logjams at the multilateral level.

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The world’s population is now over seven billion. Rapid population growth means that securing global food supply has become one of the greatest global challenges of humankind.
To meet this challenge, agricultural production needs to be increased, but this process is limited by the scarcity of arable land and by advancing soil degradation. The effects of climate change, including lengthy droughts, floods, and the spread of pests, will have an impact on the agricultural economy. To ensure global food security, we must support the affected regions of the world to establish efficient and sustainable agriculture economies. This is of particular importance for the developing countries of the African continent, where a large part of cultivation is carried out by small-scale farmers. The influence of such factors means that often times, not enough can be produced to establish a self-sufficient, sustainable agricultural economy. That is why measures to stabilize and develop the food supply are especially important in these regions. The aim is to support the development of sustainable agriculture in African countries in order to secure a stable food supply for the local population.