access education

access education

Access to education includes: on-schedule enrolment and progression at an appropriate age, regular attendance, learning consistent with national achievement norms, a learning environment that is safe enough to allow learning to take place, and opportunities to learn that are equitably distributed (Lewin, 2015: 29).
Where the quality of learning and teaching varies widely, and where it is rationed by price or by other factors that constrain access, it is important to ensure that improvements in access to education are equitable and do not increase learning opportunity for some at the expense of others. Enhanced equity is an essential condition of an expanded vision of access (Lewin, 2015: 38).

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Access education
The following link contains strategies and tips, teacher, system parent, student and teacher professional development resources assembled by the Educational Technology Section of the ALSDE:
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Information for Attendance Service Providers on how to request access to the Education Sector Logon.