Experimental Music

Listening to music is completely different from making a piece of music. The person who composes music knows where each section of music should be placed during composing so as to produce sounds that can be listened to other than noise. An experimental music can be described is one that arouses interest in a person or music to which someone devotes themselves. Music is basically sounds that are combined in a predetermined meaningful pattern.

Sounds are always being produced by objects in their natural settings. As music is being composed, natural sounds occupies the space left by silences in the sound space.  At any given time, there is no a thing such as empty space or empty time since natural sounds occupy the sound space when no music tones are created. Composing musical tones overrides the natural sound tones in the sound space, and instead of hearing natural sounds the musical beats are heard. Sounds can be combined in multiple ways to produce musical beats. It is true that humanity and nature aspects coexist in the world, with each aspect producing sounds that may or may not override that of the other aspect.

Sounds can be captured magnetically through a tape to create music that can be listened repeatedly. When composing experimental music, a person always tries to separate himself or herself from the activities of the sounds he or she makes. Sound is contained in what is called the sound space, and the total sound-space results from five determinants that include frequency or pitch, amplitude or loudness, overtone structure or timbre, duration, and morphology.Encounter with nature arouses emotions in human beings.

southwark resource centre

southwark resource centre

The Southwark Resource Centre (SRC) is a new building in the heart of Walworth and one of the first developments of the new Aylesbury Estate. The SRC is a council building with services covering Reablement, Day respite and long term support for adults with physical disabilities. It is designed to provide specialist support for those with complex needs, whilst offering more choices to help less disabled service users and older people live as active citizens in their community. A range of activities and social groups are available at the SRC. Many of these are led and organised by disabled adults, both in the SRC building and out in the community.
Some activities include help with:
• Returning to education
• Finding employment opportunities
• Improving confidence and developing skills to discover and enjoy new hobbies and interests.
Disabled adults and older people in Southwark.

The Southwark Resource Centre (SRC) is designed to provide specialist support for those with complex needs, whilst offering more choices to help less disabled service users and older people live as active citizens in their community. A range of activities and social groups are available at the SRC. Many of these are led and organised by disabled adults, both in the SRC building and out in the community.
Some activities include help with:
• Returning to education
• Finding employment opportunities
• Improving confidence and developing skills to discover and enjoy new hobbies and interests.
The independent living team is based at the SRC. This team supports adults, with physical disabilities, sensory impairment and mild learning disabilities, to plan and carry out creative living plans. These plans help people organise what support and activities would help them achieve a set of goals aimed at staying safe and independent.
Older people, adults with complex needs, physical disabilities, sensory impairment and mild learning disabilities.

BlindAid are running a community project offering a wide variety of support programmes to blind and visually impaired people, based at the Southwark Resource Centre, 10 Bradenham Cl, London SE17 2QB. The project runs on Mondays and Tuesdays 10am – 3pm.
1 or 2 days per week (expenses paid)

We would love to hear from you if you are focused on achieving good quality outcomes for service users.
Are you committed to providing meaningful activities and person centred led Service to service users living in the community?



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london theatre workshop

london theatre workshop

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London theatre workshop
Directed by Ray Rackham, designed by Jonti Angel, lit by Alex Bland, sound by Ed Shaw and with musical direction by Thomas Lees. Cast includes Marcia Brown, Steve Brown, Lowri-Ann Davies, Aimee Gray, Sam Harrison, Anton Tweedale, Ellen Verenieks and Oliver Watton.
London Theatre Workshop presents the London premiere of Just Another Love Story, featuring the love songs of Stephen Sondheim, at the London Theatre Workshop, a fringe venue located above the Eel Brook Bar and Brasserie in west London, from 6 to 24 May 2014.



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acting classes london free

acting classes london free

The basis of my approach is realism in acting. I work with you to help bring out truth and honesty in your performance, whether intended for the screen or stage. My specialisation is character work. Having trained as a psychologist, I apply my unique background and formal experience to understand the role or character you are portraying. Most importantly, I seek to understanding your character, so that I can work ‘through you’ to get to the character you are performing.
My areas of specialisation are:
I have worked as an acting coach now for 15 years.
I am the artistic director and founder of the Actors Door Studio. In my capacity as studio director I have trained 100’s of actors and helped launch their acting careers.

An OCNLR Level 2 accredited 4 month drama training programme for young people not in education, employment or training aged 19-24.
The NYT REP Company

Acting classes london free
Download free resources and browse opportunities and events for schools and students, including our new online programme of workshops and courses.
Online teaching resources, courses & workshops for all ages

If you want to bring more creativity into your life
If you want to meet new people

The Meetups will take place on Sunday in the afternoon in Zone 1 of the London public transport network so it makes it easy for everyone to attend.
Complete beginners are welcome!
No previous acting experience required. All Meetups will be in a relaxed and non judging setting.

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Following the latest government advice about Coronavirus, the National Theatre building is currently closed to the public. Access a range of digital learning resources to stay connected with the National Theatre.
We are making contact with all of the participants, organisations and ticket holders we were planning to engage with over the coming weeks. If you think you have not been contacted by a member of NT Learning staff in relation to an upcoming activity, or if you are unsure if an activity you were planning to participate in is going ahead, please reach out to your direct NT contact, or alternatively please email [email protected] and someone will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Whether you’re working on a monologue, have a big speech coming up or simply want to work on your acting, I can help. As I’m not only an actor, but an award winning Director, I can help shape strong performances from you.
For any type of performance, the body and voice (which are connected) need to be free – so we start of releasing all of our tension and letting go of all inhibitions. Everything beyond this is dependent on the students goals.

Acting classes london free
Each actor experienced a taste of drama school training and were provided with some of the key skills needed to become a professional actor.
Due to the success of our 2018 programme, we hope to run a week long actors Summer School in the future to equip aspiring actors of South Asian descent with the skills needed to become professional actors.

A high number of our students go on to degree courses at leading drama schools – recently to such as Court Theatre School, Drama Studio London and Stella Adler in New York. Others go straight into all areas of activity and employment undertaken by actors.
Richmond Drama School strives to educate and inspire students who want to enter the performing arts industry or continue onto further education. The Drama School includes tutoring in areas such as text work, voice, physical theatre (Lecoq based), film and TV work, preparation and presentation of audition material, sight reading, stage combat, dancing in various styles, and movement.



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Music Collection Societies


Many artists pursue music with dreams of making it in the entertainment industry. The musimc industry and the entertainment industry as a whole require extensive research by the artist to establish the underlying risks in being a musician. There are many regulations in the music industry. As a result, musicians without collection societies have to watch out for their interests while at the same time make the most out of their work. As a technique of being successful in the music industry, an artist needs to research on ways of protecting his or her work as well as increase income streams. Though music careers require persistence to grow and be successful, it is essential for the artist to always look out for his or her interests. Some organizations help artists enforce their rights, market their works (licenses), collect royalties on their behalf and arrange for collection of fees. Collection societies help artists focus on their career by handling these management issues. Choosing the right collection society is therefore crucial because different collection societies handle different regions and royalty schemes. Musicians should have an excellent knowledge of how to administer their talents even before starting to think of a successful career.

Fred Zeppelin

Fred Zeppelin as a band signed to a major record label will benefit from copyright enforcement services of the record label. The label will also cover most of their marketing services. Being part of a label will be beneficial to the band because it relieves them from some duties. Most of their income streams will be handled by the label and paid to them as an advance. Similarly, they will earn a record label advance that will be paid to them as part of signing the deal. The two band members who write songs will receive a publisher advance that will be paid by the publishing company. The band will have income from royalties. This will depend on the nature of the deal with the record label. Most record labels will collect royalties on behalf of the artists resulting from the reproduction of songs both digital and or physical. Other royalties earned by the group are performance royalties generated when the artists’ works are played in public, and mechanical royalties earned from on-demand streaming services, which pay the artists for songs streamed on their sites. These royalties will be paid to the publisher who then pays the band.  Additional incomes include retail and digital sales resulting from the sale of songs. Label settlements is also a potential source of revenue that results from litigation payouts.

The band will have exclusive rights that protect the group as copyright owners. For instance, public performance rights will prevent unauthorized performance and transmission of the bands works in public. It covers the right to broadcast and performances by another artist in public. Reproduction rights will stop the reproduction of the band’s musical works. Additionally, the band will have digital performance rights to authorize digital transmission of the band’s songs.

The band will have to join collection societies to protect their work and collect royalties on their behalf. The benefit of having collection societies is that they track the public performances and litigate rights violators. Performance rights society (PRS) is a rights management company that will collect fees on their behalf whenever their music is played or broadcasted in public. Phonographic performance limited is a company that handles licensing of music played in radio and television broadcasts. It also manages the collection of revenue from public performances.

The band will also have to join industrial associations to gain professional guidance and collaborative support. Arts development is an association that has members working in creative arts. On joining and industrial association, the band will receive professional marketing services from the organization. The two band members who are songwriters will benefit from guidance along with advice on how to broaden their talents.


Ann is a singer-songwriter who is not signed to any record label. Being a solo act, she will greatly benefit from joining a collection society and licensing agency. This agency will protect her work and assist in collecting royalties. Collection agencies will also assist her in pursuing new income streams apart from live performances. Collection society will help market her work to enjoy relevance across the region.

Ann’s potential income stream include mechanical royalties generated through replication of recorded songs. Commissions from songwriting services rendered to another artist for creating original work for them. Public performance royalties when her songs are played in public, for instance, television, radio, restaurants, and concerts. Streaming mechanical royalties from video streaming services paid to the copyright holder of the song. The composition of original works for broadcast fees is usually paid to the songwriter. Synch licenses for the use of her existing works in media, for instance, movies and video games. Revenue generated for the use of her songs in ringtones and call back services. Sales of sheet music and other compositions to other parties will earn her additional income as well as lyrics display – income for the display of a song wording on websites, paid to the songwriter. Litigation settlements from copyright infringement lawsuits is also a viable source of income. Retail revenue from the sale of physical recordings in stores or mail order is another income source. Likewise, sales at concert and shows – income generated from the sales of music directly to fans. Sponsorship and corporate support for concerts and tours. Also, merchandise sales resulting from her brand image.

Copyright and rights that can protect her works include, public performing rights to cover unauthorized performances or broadcast of her work in public. Reproduction rights, which is the exclusive rights of the copyright holder to authorize the reproduction of musical works and records[3]. Digital performance rights will prevent unauthorized digital transmission, for instance, internet streaming. Copyrights will be attached with exclusive rights to produce and sell copies of her works, to import and export the works, to derive the work of someone and to perform or display the work publicly.

Performing rights society that represents songwriters and publishers is responsible for the management of their musical works. Whenever an artist music get played or performed in public, the society collects royalties on their behalf. Also, it covers mechanical rights and receives royalties on the reproduction of music either digitally or physically. Phonographic performance limited (PPL) is another association for performing artists. It helps artists collect revenues. Moreover, the association issues licenses for playing music in public and commercial places. After collecting royalties, it passes them to registered members. Therefore, with Ann being a composer, joining a music society will be beneficial to her career.

Since Ann is an independent artist, she will have to join an association with independent artists to learn collaboratively and have a collective effort when fighting for their rights. This will also help her in the marketing of her work and diversification in her career. The association will help her better negotiate contracts and ensure that she gets the most out of her career. The industrial association will relieve her of duties and enable her to focus on her career much better.

No direction

No direction is a tribute band to One Direction. Tribute bands play songs from an original group mimicking their style and their acts. They imitate former bands performance in concerts and record songs similar to the band. Tribute band makes their revenue by live performances of an original band songs. This revenue comes from ticket sales to shows and endorsements by corporates. Merchandise sales also constitute the band’s income, together with the sales of items such as t-shirts and key chains with the bands branding. The group can also benefit from streaming services and sales of music-on-demand sites, which will pay royalties to them. Physical sales of albums in concert and stores can raise revenue for the group.

Tribute bands pay for the license to play music from original singers. They send a list of all the songs they will play to performance rights organization so that they can calculate the licensing fees. Then the rights holder provides a percentage of the band’s revenue.

The band will have to join performing rights organizations to manage purchases of performance licenses and mechanical licenses. This organization will have to monitor the band such that they do not infringe on the copyright of One Direction. They also need an organization to manage their concert and tours as well as bookings.

Tribute band can join industry associations for artists to get professional advice and develop their careers. Industry associations educate bands about matters of the music industry as well as network them with other similar artists. It can also assist to market the work of artists. The band can also join regular industrial association. These associations can help them manage their performing rights better. Similarly, the organization will empower them and handle their musical concerns. The industrial organizations give voice to artists.

Red Too

Red Too, a successful producer, with some hit records over the years has a contract with record companies. He uses session musicians to perform on his recordings. Record producers have the role of oversight as well as managing the recording process. The creative progress of a production depends on the producer. For instance, the producer may assist in the composition and writing adjustments.

The producer’s income stream is the payment accrued from producing the work of other artists in the studio and live settings. This can be paid by the record label or the artist. Royalties from songs co-written by the producers is a source of income. Production of live performances can earn the producer additional income while sponsorship and endorsement from corporate brands can earn the artist income. At times producers own rights to some songs. This song can earn royalties regarding digital performance. Producers can make public appearances and sell other image rights to obtain revenue. They also earn record rights from their produced works depending on the record contracts. Moreover, they can sell the license to their beats to artists or record labels.

The record producer owns the copyright in sound recording.  This is separate from the lyrics and music in the recording. The composer also owns the copyright to that music, which is a protection of the literary work. The copyright of record lasts 50 years from the time it was first played to the public. Moreover, rights included in producers’ rights include reproduction rights to protect against reproduction of their original works. Distribution rights to cover distribution of the record and rental rights to authorize lending of the record.

Red Too can join the professional association for directors and producers. It is a collective management organization that distributes payment to record producers. Directors UK is a perfect example of this organization, which monitors and collects royalties for clients. This creative society also looks out for the contractual right of the directors.

The professional music industry organization such as music producers’ guild represents record producers and other professionals in the recording industries. Membership is open to record producers, studio engineers, and sound designers. The association help members to share collective experiences and collaborate with other members of the association. It also helps producers recognize talent within them by awarding best-performing members. It has an affiliation with other associations to enable networking and marketing of its members.


Music collection societies manage the collective rights of artists and other music industry payments. They help their members navigate the contractual areas of the entertainment industry. Remuneration and revenue collection is always the priority in any enterprise, and it is only fair that artists benefit from their creative abilities. The underlying idea of collective society is always to ensure that the artist’s rights are protected. Because of the music industry’s competitive nature, most collection societies are working with better rates to sign more members. The important element of these collection organizations is the ability to enable members to build their brand with the least effort possible. Regional boundaries limit music collective societies at times, therefore, the need to network with other societies to increase the revenue collection areas. These societies are useful in the management of artist’s licenses, collection and distribution royalties to its members. Collection societies also negotiate for better treatment of artist in the music industry. Performance rights organizations are organizations, which enforce copyright for performed works. The outsourcing of these jobs of royalty collections to collection societies is always a relief to the artist, and therefore, focus on their works.

Most record labels will help an artist increase his or her income potential by exploring new markets like image rights. Creation of awareness on the artist to explore this new area of revenue collection is the responsibility of industrial organization hence the importance of being a member in one. Also, most music industrial associations will advise members on how to pay their taxes to avoid prosecution.

travelling theatre groups for schools

travelling theatre groups for schools

We have a clear understanding of daily timetables and our work is tailor-made to fit in to the school schedule.
We play to audience ‘bubbles’ of up to 30 presenting short performances up to 6 times per day.

We have over 35 years experience in the industry, performing live theatre to over 360,000 primary and high school students each year. Our shows help schools create safer and more positive environments for their students, addressing issues such as bullying, inclusion, cyber safety, resilience, mental health and relationships. Each show is developed by our passionate team of creatives, teachers and psychologists, and scripts are constantly updated to ensure content is relevant and challenging for our audiences.
Work with one of Australia’s largest and most respected school theatre companies. A unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of students while being paid to do what you love!

Travelling theatre groups for schools
Meticulous care and attention to detail accompany every project that Little Red Theatre produces. We explore many different aspects of the theatre, from stories about all different kinds of people, sometimes fairy tales, sometimes modern dance, innovative puppetry, magnificent songs and sometimes high tech visual projections. Each show is completely different and unique. We bring high standards and expectations to each performance that little red theatre brings to the stage. Our first rule is that the show be interesting for our young audiences and that we work with other artists whose work we find interesting. Our second rule is that our advertising about our shows is clear and detailed so that when people are buying or coming to see a show, they know what to expect!!
Little Red Riding Hood with Jade Lamarche and Nicky Nasrallah

Travelling theatre groups for schools
Original Theatre Online has already been featured as critics pick for streaming from The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Mail on Sunday, The Express, Channel 4 news, Classic FM, WhatsOnStage and The Daily Telegraph.
We love to make theatre. We love to tell stories. We love to tour our work across the UK. But most of all we love to thrill, excite and engage audiences.

Miracle tours original, inventive, comic theatre across Cornwall and the UK. Its rich mix of touring work includes classic plays, new writing and Shakespeare and visits open-air and indoor venues.
Established in 1979, Miracle is one of the South West’s key arts organisations. It produces a rich mix of touring theatre, always with a unique comic style, joyful use of language and an immediate visual appeal. It embraces digital technology and nurtures new writers, performers, venues and promoters. Miracle works with promoters to build audiences by bringing ‘big’ shows to little venues; it is committed to touring work which is innovative, but not intimidating, to communities in the far flung corners of the UK. Miracle is caretaker of the Miracle Space: a hub for small-scale theatre in the South West.

Travelling theatre groups for schools
We’ll be running free St Thomas Story Tours. Come with us on a gentle walk around St Thomas, starting from Emmanuel Hall and stopping along the way to hear stories and listen to songs about this most special of places.
Founded in Exeter in 1982, we are a touring Theatre Company making work for all ages.

Travelling theatre groups for schools
Ted Hughes’ classic modern-day fable of a giant Iron robot and the fearless courage of a young boy named Hogarth is a beautiful tale about friendship, understanding and tolerance.
In November 2019, Graeae Theatre Company working with the Spark Arts for Children presented The Iron Man

Travelling theatre groups for schools
Whilst we can’t perform live for you at the moment, we are keeping busy reinventing the ways we, and the artists we work with, can continue to work for schools for this term and next.
Theatre in Schools Scotland is managed by Imaginate and the National Theatre of Scotland to develop the provision of theatre and dance performances available for schools to host for their pupils.

Travelling theatre groups for schools
Oddsocks Productions is a theatrical experience for everyone. Oddsocks are one of the UKs best-loved touring theatre companies. We are passionate that every person in society has the right to access and enjoy theatre in an entertaining, informative and inclusive environment.
Our door is always open; so whether you want to watch a performance, or support us by becoming a friend, book a performance or simply find out more about us.. you can find out how to make it happen here.

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Top 30 All-Time Music Hits

Music is defined as a cultural and art form activity that uses sound as its medium. According to the given culture in context, the targeted audience and the aim of the musician, music definition usually varies. Music hits are the types of songs that are attention-grabbing just as their artists.

Here are top 30 all-time music hits.

  1. Thriller –Michael Jackson

This song still stands to be the best-selling track.

  1. John Lennon- Imagine

John Lenon wrote and also performed this song. After his murder, the song rose to the top of the charts.

  1. The Beatles-Yesterday

The band releases the song in 1965 and it remains popular to date.

  1. Puff Daddy – I will be missing you, Faith Evans

It is one of the best selling songs with its ranking of number 99 as the biggest song of all time by Billboard.

  1. Like A Prayer- Madonna
  2. Say you, say me-Lionel Richie

This song won the award for the best original song.

  1. When Doves Cry- Prince

This song topped the charts for 5 consecutive weeks.

  1. Firework –Katy Perry

This marked the musician’s elevation in her career. The song received diamond certification and has sold over 7.2 million song copies in the U.S.A alone.

  1. Dilemma- Nelly and Kelly Rowland

Released in 2002, the song sold over 7.2 million copies in the first year. It is recognized as one of the best selling singles of all time.

  1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

This was Whitney Houston’s first track to be certified platinum.

  1. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

It was released in 1998 and has sold over 7 million copies.

  1. Rolling in the deep- Adele
  2. Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO

It was released in 2011 and sold over 9 million copies that same year.

  1. Everything I do-Bryan Adams

This track sold over 15 million copies in its year of release.

  1. Everybody –Backstreet Boys
  2. Billie Jean- Michael Jackson

This hit song was written and performed by Jackson with the production being done by Quincy Jones

  1. We Found Love- Rihanna and Calvin Harris

This song premiered in 2011 and became the longest-running hit number one song of 2011.

  1. Single Ladies –Beyonce

The song was released in 2008 and came to win 3 Grammy Awards in the year 2010.

  1. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj

The song has sold over 14 million copies by 2014.

  1. Genie in a bottle-Christina Aguilera

This song was released in 1999 and received platinum certification by RIAA

  1. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen
  2. You are still the one-Shania Twain

The song was released in 1998. It was a commercial success and got nominated for 4 Gammy Awards

  1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

Bruno Mars is accredited for supplying the incredible vocals for this particular track during the collaboration. The song won “the record of the year” award in 2015 at the Grammy Awards

  1. Shake it off- Taylor Swift

This song was recorded by Taylor Swift and released in 2014 and has received several awards. The song was composed by Taylor, Shellback, and Martin.  A cover of this song has been performed by various artists also.

  1. Sorry –Justin Bieber
  2. Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

This song was released in 2013 although it was recorded in 2012. there are two versions of this song and they have all remained to be hit tracks.

  1. No One-Alicia Keys

It was performed by the American singer and also songwriter Alicia Keys. She wrote it with the help of her brother and DJ Dirty Harry.

  1. I will Always Love You –Whitney Houston

This song has won over 5 awards for the best music and up until now, it is still a hit.

  1. Happy- Pharrell Williams

It was performed by Pharrell Wiliams who also wrote it. Over 1,500 cover video was performed for this song during the year of its release. It is still Pharrell’s best performing single track.

  1. Just the way you are- Bruno Mars

This was the debut track for Bruno Mars and contributed greatly to his success in the music industry.



Music usually possesses basic elements which are namely the harmony, the pitch and the melody. Also has defining features such as the style of the particular music which dictates its genre. Depending on the given music style, it tends to emphasize, omit or de-emphasize on some of these features.

workshops in schools

workshops in schools

We have many years experience promoting workshops to schools across the UK. 150,000 of our printed directories are in use today in 40,000 schools, making School Select the name teachers know and trust when looking to book school workshops. We continue to build on that reputation with the leading online directory of educational services.
Our extensive database is fully searchable by curriculum subject, geographic region or by using our unique ‘key word’ search facility to find the workshops you want, in an instant. With an unrivalled selection of talented workshop providers teachers are sure to find what you are looking for or maybe the inspiration to try something completely different. So, whether it’s cooking workshops for nurseries; circus skills for primary schools; historical re-enactments for secondary schools or enterprise workshops for college we’ve got the lot.

An expert trainer will help you to tailor your workshop to suit your particular requirements and create the best possible workshop for your school.
Covering all of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, our LEGO Education based workshops give students the opportunity to become engineers, researchers, analysts, designers and more. Through our practical and hands-on approach, students learn to take measurements, analyse data, make predictions, solve problems and design solutions. Every child takes part, working in teams to build and test their projects. We supply everything required on the day including our LEGO Education kits, worksheets and, when required, tablets & laptops.

Find School Workshops is a school workshop and entertainment directory. Our site has over 200 listings and has has been designed to reduce the amount of time teachers & parents need to spend looking for the right educational school workshops or party for them and their students/children. This site has school workshops & children’s entertainment companies for all school ages & needs. Workshops for Playschemes, Youth Clubs, Summer Schools, Nurseries, Junior & Primary to Secondary Schools and College, even for teacher training/CPD INSET days.
To save you time you can search for themed, cross curricular & subject specific school workshops & entertainers in your location! We have workshops for schools in areas such as London, Birmingham & Leeds and from all subject areas & KS’s. Fun ideas for Science, History, Music, Drama, Theatre shows, Planetariums, Poets etc fun/entertainment workshops such as circus skills & visits for parties, ideas for school assemblies & teambuilding.

As part of your workshop visit, your school group can also add on an additional 30-minute interactive experience at The Cube. Register your interest when booking.

  • one half-day workshop (approximately 2.5 hours)
  • two half-day workshops run on the same day (full-day visit, approximately 5.5 hours including 45 minutes for lunch)
  • one full-day workshop (full day, approximately 5.5 hours including 2 breaks)

Southbank Centre offers a variety of specialised workshops for school groups across many art forms and topics in term time throughout the academic year.
Reservations for groups of 10 or more people can be made by phoning our group line on 020 3879 9555 between Monday – Friday from 9.30am – 5.30pm or complete our online enquiry form to request a workshop. Workshops can be arranged at times outside those listed.



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young shakespeare company

young shakespeare company

Back in Gibraltar for another year the performances have included a series of workshops as well as the performances. On Friday the players performed to pupils in St Anne’s Middle School. The visit formed part of this year’s Spring Festival programme supported by the John Mackintosh Hall Trust and the Parasol Foundation.
Over 100,000 young people see these shows specially produced for young people every year with the Young Shakespeare Company providing a year-round programme of workshops, performances, residencies and INSET courses as well as working in schools, theatres and professional development centres internationally and throughout the UK. Productions directed for the Young Shakespeare Company also include: Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Twelfth Night, some of which have been presented on previous visits.

We were delighted to welcome the Young Shakespeare Company back to the school to work with the whole of Year 7. Students took part in a series of creative and engaging workshops in the morning where they analysed Shakespeare’s use of language, learnt lines and took on some of the parts to ‘Macbeth’.
In the afternoon, they then had the opportunity to watch a highly engaging, modern twist on the Scottish play. The performance was incredibly entertaining with the actors racing around the audience for fight scenes. The students also had the chance at the end to ask the actors a range of questions on the play itself, their own acting experience and the choices the Company made for their production – including the decision to cast Macbeth with a female actor.

They were truly enamoured by the production, and very happily joined in as the ‘lovers’, the ‘mechanicals’, the ‘royal’ cast, the magical forest, and even a wall! The children found Puck highly entertaining; his ‘DJ’ skills, cheeky nature and gymnastic abilities particularly impressing them. Some feedback from two Year 4 critics:
Year 4 had a wonderful morning experiencing the magic and confusion of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, performed by the Young Shakespeare Company and some of our very own Year 4 actors!

The Year 11 students had the opportunity to be part of a Macbeth performance led by the Young Shakespeare Company on Thursday 2nd May. Not only did the performance provide great entertainment value with swords, blood, drama and intrigue but it enabled the students to grasp the tough Shakespearean dialect. The actors expertly deciphered some of the plays crucial scenes in meaningful ways to aid the revision process in preparation for the looming GCSE exam.
The students participation in the production was excellent whilst the level of engagement was of the highest order. We hope that this now gives the students an extra edge in performing well in the exam.

Young shakespeare company
Emergency Appeal Fund
Entrance Test 2020 – Year 9 English

Young shakespeare company
We appreciate your feedback and helping us to improve Spotlight.com
Professional actors and storytellers perform Shakespeare’s plays for young people in schools and theatres across the country.

Young shakespeare company
A fast moving and accessible adaptation of the play for young audiences performed by the Young Shakespeare Company who are making their 19th annual visit to the Millfield Theatre with their acclaimed Primary Shakespeare project.
Hamlet – Young Shakespeare Company

Young shakespeare company
The girls were involved in helping to set the scene, taking on lead roles and making predictions as to what happens next! They particularly enjoyed being part of the battle scene at the end of the play and crowning King Malcolm.
On Wednesday 10 October, we were delighted to welcome six actors from the Young Shakespeare Company to the Prep School. They put on an interactive performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for Years 3-6.

Young shakespeare company
Today the Young Shakespeare Company visited our Junior School with their touring production of Romeo and Juliet.
This will be the YSC’s fourth such visit to Warwick Junior School. The Young Shakespeare Company specialise in introducing Shakespeare’s plays to a younger audience. They skilfully involve the boys by stopping at crucial points in the play, explaining the key plot lines and seeking audience participation.

This was no ordinary production as the children were all able to join in by making sound effects, supplying ingredients for the witches’ cauldron, becoming guests at Macbeth’s banquet and miming chopping down Birnam Wood. With the help a narrator the audience were encouraged to speculate on what might happen next and recap on parts of the story. Of course any play which involves witches, ghosts and a fair bit of fighting will grip most 9 year olds but this production proved to be the ideal introduction to the works of Shakespeare as pupils and staff sat mesmerised throughout.
Established in 1988, The Young Shakespeare Company is a leading touring educational theatre company which specialises in making the works of Shakespeare both entertaining and accessible to school children up and down the country.



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drama teaching jobs wales

drama teaching jobs wales

Drama teaching jobs wales
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Drama teaching jobs wales
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