theatre in education companies uk

theatre in education companies uk

Offering impacting performances and workshops that focus on hard hitting issues that are influence young people in society today, such as; drugs, alcohol, law, crime, gangs, relationships and sexual exploitation, as a way to communicate, educate and re-educate the severity to schools across the UK.
Students get to see realistic issues played out in front of them in 1 hour productions. We also offer after performance workshops to give students clarity on the issues and subjects presented to them, so they can ask questions and to know where to go to get help.

Established in January 2000 Bigfoot has become a leading light in the field of arts education across the UK.
Our specially trained performing arts experts, called Bigfooters, visit schools to make learning irresistible! They can work in any educational setting and bring with them a wealth of skills and techniques to help children realise their unique gifts and talents whilst encouraging them to explore ways to use positive behaviours and interactions with each other.

The work we do with schools has a significant and lasting benefit, as teachers consistently tell us that their pupils are more confident, demonstrate improved concentration and are excited about learning.
We are a touring theatre company for schools delivering drama workshops, projects and performances that are designed to enhance the National Curriculum and engage with personal, social and health education issues. As a Theatre in Education company we are wholly committed to the social and educational development of primary school children, young people in secondary school, and communities.

We specialise in the PSHE curriculum, with a number of extremely successful theatre projects designed to deliver your key learning objectives. We also create customised learning programmes if you have a specific topic you would like us to address. Using professionally trained actors, each live performance is enhanced with interactive workshops, a bespoke scheme of teaching materials and online resources. We ensure that effective, long-term learning is at the forefront of all of our in-school presentations.
Theatre in education is an incredibly effective way to engage with young people, stimulate learning and inspire involvement. We design and produce memorable learning experiences that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Theatre in education companies uk
Our award-winning programmes provoke young people with real, relevant and difficult issues.
Our work helps young people feel more informed about the world in which they exist and prepares them for modern life.

Gazebo Theatre in Education (TIE) has been operating for over 40 years.
The Bilston based charity is one of the longest serving Theatre in Education companies still in existence in the country, and provides a range of services to schools, communities and organisation in and around Wolverhampton.


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