educational visits london

educational visits london

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London is crammed full of attractions from the educational to cultural and many of which are free, making it a popular destination for our school groups. The majority of London school trips we organise are often short, from overnight stays to 4 days, but we also have experience organising longer trips for international schools visiting from abroad.
London has so many engaging attractions to excite and educate your students. We use our expertise to suggest the best visits for your trip.

Here you will find an eclectic mix of the finest attractions throughout the country. Search by subject or area to find great ideas for your next school trip, some will be familiar but there may also be some little gems to surprise and intrigue you.
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Educational visits london
London is a very popular destination for school trips and other outings. With so much to choose from you can cover so many different subjects and visit a number of educational sights and places of interest in a single school visit to London.
From historical sites to museums and major tourist attractions London offers it all and we understand making a choice for your school trip to London can be hard. Here at UK School trips we have a wide range of venues, locations and service providers in and around London, to help you plan a one day school outing or a longer residential education visit including accommodation.

A cultural capital by anyone’s estimation, London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities on the planet.
The city’s heritage means there’s nearly always something to learn around every corner, particularly if your focus is in literature, theatre, history, architecture, business, religious studies or general sightseeing. Samuel Johnson famously remarked that “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” – and we can see just what he was getting at.

Who should attend?
Using a live market feed the full two hour programme can offer:

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Educational visits london
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It’s thanks to this diverse program of trips and visits that CLS makes its pupils so world-wise – truly global Citizens.
A notable feature of co-curricular provision at City of London School is the trips and visits programme. Samuel Johnson suggested that ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford’. This is partly true and great efforts are made to exploit our proximity to so many interesting places. The ease with which museums, art galleries, theatres and academic institutions can be visited is truly unique. However, pupils at City of London School are also offered opportunities to travel the world on an impressive range of educational trips. This all forms part of our commitment to developing culturally and socially aware young men.

Educational school trip ideas for primary school teachers based on the KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum
Class Trips is about helping primary school teachers find school trip ideas and educational class visits for infants and junior school children in the UK.
We list only educational places to visit that are related to the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 subject areas.


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shakespeares school

shakespeares school

Borough: Bronx
Accessibility: No Accessibility

Shakespeare Schools Foundation is a charity that transforms lives through the unique power of Shakespeare. Our annual Festival provides a platform for up to 30,000 young people to express themselves and grow in confidence as they take to a professional stage.
Join us on 5th and 6th November and 14th and 15th November for an exhilarating evening, featuring a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by local schools.

The firm will also design a series of new blocks for the famous boys’ secondary school, including the first ‘landmark’ building (pictured below) which, the practice hopes, will create a secure entrance to the school site.
Etched in to the facade of the centre, which will be built from hand-made bricks and stone, will be a number of Shakespearian quotes including ‘Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.’

Are you within the catchment area?
for a place at this school


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Academisation of Hip Hop

The academisation of hip-hop can be a fruitful venture as many universities across the globe are continually working to see this through. The scholars and researchers behind the academisation of hip-hop know that they have an enormous task of maneuvering between the street aspects of hip-hop “realness” as well as the academic expectations of the same.  Although some of the initial core elements of hip hop include deejaying, dancing, raping and graffiti among others, the academisation has brought a new light into the forgotten world. Institutions like Harvard have started embracing hip hop to reach out to new categories of students as well as to broaden areas of sociological and music research. In this hip hop culture essay the academisation of hip-hop has equally touched on racial authenticity and issues about the nationalism of the African Americans.

From the theoretical framework of the study, various scholars argue out that through the academisation of hip-hop, the African Americans as well as the brown population will get a chance to define and identify their cultural affiliation as opposed to the white’s perspective. Through the qualitative approach of interviews and the disclosure analysis, information was gathered from various respondents. The methodology focuses on how the academisation of hip-hop is an ice-breaker, a setup, a label of low cultural affiliation as well as an enlightening tool.

The academisation of hip-hop has branded the area of study with an attractive title which will, in turn, open a leeway for possibilities and hence attract more scholars and researchers into the filed. The attractive label can draw more scholars who will, in turn, delve into other fields in the process of research and hence create a sense of diversity. Various scholars argue that hip-hop should be pinned to a sociological field of study to create authenticity. Hip-hop, therefore, acts as educational bait as well as an attractive label that future music educators, scholars, and researchers will use as a double feature within university legislation.

The advantages of academisation of hip hop

Various researchers and scholars have presented strong reasons based on scientific research on the importance and relevance of the academisation of hip-hop. From the institution’s economic fronts, academisation means more students and hence credibility to the concerned faculties. Researchers conclude that it is due to the many tenets of hip-hop that open a leeway for diversification in the academic domain. The academisation of hip-hop will also bring about its political ideologies into discussion which will in turn bring about a form of legitimacy in discussion in the music education field. However, there is bias in the aspect and concept of duality of hip-hop as one of the core arguments of the research asserted. Various scholars still find it difficult to brand hip hop as a part of the arts under music or sociology. The reason is that for on to be considered as both an academician and a street ambassador of hip-hop, one ought to have a form of affiliation with the hip-hop culture. It is untrue to state that the academisation of hip-hop is a trap and an academic de-valuation. The academisation of hip-hop instead opens a range of possibilities in both musicology and sociology.


Disadvantages of academisation of hip hop

The dual attitude towards hip-hop in many institutions has resulted in a counter effect on the education policy. Since through the academisation of hip-hop many organizations seek to enlist and increase the number of students among other things, it hurt the development of research in this field. Hip-hop suddenly becomes devalued and loses its initial authenticity and conservative nature. The scholars and researchers in the field of hip-hop are seen as an illegitimate and second class as opposed to those of other genres and areas of research. Through critiquing hip-hop, there is inconsistency and bias as some researchers seem to critique the bigwigs to gain recognition as opposed to promoting the ideal values and intentions of the study. Various scholars equally use inappropriate language which makes research and the approach towards rationalization awkward and lopsided. The non-academic approach to the academisation of hip-hop by various scholars and research sources make the concept seem illegitimate through preconception, inconsistent and inaccurate data.

Conclusion and recommendation

The academisation of hip-hop epitomizes an academic habitus although the access and affiliation to the sub-cultural or street connection are an added advantage. The research on hip-hop as a sub-genre of music opens a world of possibilities and untapped exploration in both music and sociology. It is however incorrect and biased to say that the world of academics cannot accommodate hip-hop because it is shallow and does not have universally accepted research approaches. Hip-hop should, therefore, be developed as a sub-genre of music and an aspect of sociology. Universities and opportunistic scholars ought to desist from branding and degrading the potential of hip-hop. It is; however, correct to note that hip-hop presents a double-edged effect in institutions regarding research and authenticity.  It is paramount to used hip-hop as educational bait and as a marking label to criticize it for its inherent value.

teaching schools list

teaching schools list

Teaching schools list
Teaching Schools fulfil much of their remit through the role of system leaders. These are outstanding colleagues who are committed to supporting other schools to have an impact on the outcomes and experiences of children in a whole community.
There are currently approximately 800 Teaching Schools across the country.

Teaching schools list
We have great schools and fantastic children who welcome inspirational teachers to challenge them to reach their full potential.
We look for people with ability, enthusiasm and imagination to join our successful school teams.

7–9 October 2020
As schools and universities have had to move their teaching online in response to the Coronavirus, their reliance on IT systems has increased and a series of data protection and cybersecurity risks have emerged. Following a recent increase in cyberattacks on educational insitutions, here’s an outline of steps you can take to mitigate threats.

Recruitment for all other positions arising from the Year 7 to High School move will take place in 2021 and will be open to all qualified teachers.
Applications are now open to permanent primary school teachers to apply for secondary teaching opportunities arising from the move of Year 7 to High School in 2022.

Mat Wright, British Council
Language centres on this list (download) have signed up to the Code of practice and online delivery is included in their accreditation, pending inspection.


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