What Is A Music Essay and How to Write One?

Life wouldn’t be the same without music. Music is the one making everything better, creating emotions, having relatable lyrics or just helping us relax. As such, if you choose to write an essay on it, you’re up to something cool and entertaining.

However, although you don’t have to be a music expert to write a good essay, it’s still a task that requires a lot of attention and care. Whether you are required to write one or it’s your topic of choice, here are some tips on how to write one that end your confusion.

What Is a Music Essay?

A music essay is not that much different from other types of essays, except that it has more technical information if you decide to write about specific works. It would contain, besides information about the musical genre/artist/band, an analysis of musical pieces that will help you make the point you’re trying to make.

How Do You Write a Music Essay?

As mentioned, if you write an essay about music, it’s no different from other essays. It’s pretty much the same thing, except that your topic will focus on the history of a musical genre, instrument, a popular musician, or a specific album or song. Even so, there are some tips to take into consideration before and during your essay. If nobody really wants to write my paper for me, here are some tips in order to get a good grade for your paper:

  1. Find a Topic

The music field is wide, and choosing a general topic can be daunting, as you won’t be able to cover every aspect in much detail. As such, you need to be sure you settle for a particular topic, such as writing about a famous band or musician, a musical performance, an instrument, and its history, or anything of the sort. Choosing a specific topic will ensure you are able to cover everything within your word/character count.

  1. Make an Outline

Before you start writing, an outline is essential. Basically, it makes it easier for you to arrange your thoughts before you let your thoughts and ideas flow. Of course, it’s not a requirement, but the absence of an outline might make the whole essay sound messier and you might end up getting stuck along the way.

List your main ideas and other smaller ones under them, and you’ll be able to elaborate on them during your writing.

  1. Do Proper Research

Lots of research will be needed to obtain the information you need depending on the topic of your choice. Not only you might have to look over the notes you took in class but also look for more relevant data in books or on the internet.

Access to certain information is much easier nowadays, so you should find everything you need. Use anything relevant to the subject and anything that can make you prove your point and help you obtain a good grade.

  1. Use the Right Format

Every essay follows a certain structure, which helps you organize the information in such a way that you grab the reader’s attention and don’t confuse him. For a musical essay, you can use the same basic structure as you do for any other type of essay: introduction, explanatory paragraphs, and conclusion.

Final Thoughts

When you’re desperate for a good grade, it’s only normal that you’d need any advice you can get to write a quality essay. A music essay can be a great experience because you might have the chance to write about something you really enjoy.

However, if you still find the task too difficult, all hope is not lost – there are always essay writing services like TrustMyPaper.com to help you succeed.

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Top 30 All-Time Music Hits

Music is defined as a cultural and art form activity that uses sound as its medium. According to the given culture in context, the targeted audience and the aim of the musician, music definition usually varies. Music hits are the types of songs that are attention-grabbing just as their artists.

Here are top 30 all-time music hits.

  1. Thriller –Michael Jackson

This song still stands to be the best-selling track.

  1. John Lennon- Imagine

John Lenon wrote and also performed this song. After his murder, the song rose to the top of the charts.

  1. The Beatles-Yesterday

The band releases the song in 1965 and it remains popular to date.

  1. Puff Daddy – I will be missing you, Faith Evans

It is one of the best selling songs with its ranking of number 99 as the biggest song of all time by Billboard.

  1. Like A Prayer- Madonna
  2. Say you, say me-Lionel Richie

This song won the award for the best original song.

  1. When Doves Cry- Prince

This song topped the charts for 5 consecutive weeks.

  1. Firework –Katy Perry

This marked the musician’s elevation in her career. The song received diamond certification and has sold over 7.2 million song copies in the U.S.A alone.

  1. Dilemma- Nelly and Kelly Rowland

Released in 2002, the song sold over 7.2 million copies in the first year. It is recognized as one of the best selling singles of all time.

  1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

This was Whitney Houston’s first track to be certified platinum.

  1. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

It was released in 1998 and has sold over 7 million copies.

  1. Rolling in the deep- Adele
  2. Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO

It was released in 2011 and sold over 9 million copies that same year.

  1. Everything I do-Bryan Adams

This track sold over 15 million copies in its year of release.

  1. Everybody –Backstreet Boys
  2. Billie Jean- Michael Jackson

This hit song was written and performed by Jackson with the production being done by Quincy Jones

  1. We Found Love- Rihanna and Calvin Harris

This song premiered in 2011 and became the longest-running hit number one song of 2011.

  1. Single Ladies –Beyonce

The song was released in 2008 and came to win 3 Grammy Awards in the year 2010.

  1. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj

The song has sold over 14 million copies by 2014.

  1. Genie in a bottle-Christina Aguilera

This song was released in 1999 and received platinum certification by RIAA

  1. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen
  2. You are still the one-Shania Twain

The song was released in 1998. It was a commercial success and got nominated for 4 Gammy Awards

  1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

Bruno Mars is accredited for supplying the incredible vocals for this particular track during the collaboration. The song won “the record of the year” award in 2015 at the Grammy Awards

  1. Shake it off- Taylor Swift

This song was recorded by Taylor Swift and released in 2014 and has received several awards. The song was composed by Taylor, Shellback, and Martin.  A cover of this song has been performed by various artists also.

  1. Sorry –Justin Bieber
  2. Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

This song was released in 2013 although it was recorded in 2012. there are two versions of this song and they have all remained to be hit tracks.

  1. No One-Alicia Keys

It was performed by the American singer and also songwriter Alicia Keys. She wrote it with the help of her brother and DJ Dirty Harry.

  1. I will Always Love You –Whitney Houston

This song has won over 5 awards for the best music and up until now, it is still a hit.

  1. Happy- Pharrell Williams

It was performed by Pharrell Wiliams who also wrote it. Over 1,500 cover video was performed for this song during the year of its release. It is still Pharrell’s best performing single track.

  1. Just the way you are- Bruno Mars

This was the debut track for Bruno Mars and contributed greatly to his success in the music industry.



Music usually possesses basic elements which are namely the harmony, the pitch and the melody. Also has defining features such as the style of the particular music which dictates its genre. Depending on the given music style, it tends to emphasize, omit or de-emphasize on some of these features.