Why we created JMZ

Music surrounds our lives.  Every morning we wake up knowing we could listen to a new one. The life of musicians is by far one of the most overrated with much of the things that happen defined as mere PR stunts. We have enjoyed music for as long we can remember and feel we know the “ins” and the “outs” of the industry. Somebody might ask why we started jmzrecords.com, and we feel obligated to answer these questions in as many ways as possible, below:

We needed a platform of expression

Nothing makes music more fun than talking about. For there to be good music, there is the voice, the instrument, the hype, and many other things required to make it work. The one way we felt we could appreciate our music and that of others was through this blog.

We wanted to share music content

Good music is good when loved not only by one person but by many. With the internet, any person in the industry needs to bring out a uniform influence. Sharing music makes it an instrument of dominance, we wanted people to enjoy it with us, and jmzrecords.com was one easy way of reaching out.

There is good music in our archives

Even as the music industry evolves, we do not wish to forget that there was good music in the past. People forget about contemporary music with the new chain of “hit songs.” With jmzrecords.com, it became possible for us to remind people of old music and the contribution it had on the current music.

A source of motivation

If you are not able to get access to a music star in person, then jmzrecords.com brings them closer to you. With this site, we could share stories, biographies, and stories that could positively influence the future lives of promising music professionals.